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MuggleNet is the largest existing Harry Potter-based online publication. It was founded in 1999 and is still going strong, with over 8 million page views in 2016. It is the go-to site for news on the Harry Potter universe, as well as light-hearted articles for Potterheads. In October 2015 I took up an internship with MuggleNet’s Creative Content team. It was a truly lovely experience and a childhood dream come true. Below, you can find links to the articles I wrote during this magical time.


Interview with Maria Grace, Author of “White Petals” (09-02-2016)maria grace

Fight Dementors in Style (28-12-2015)featured image

Throwback: Legalizing Witchcraft (02-12-2015)throwback legalizing witchcraft1

Harry Potter and the Girl On Fire (20-11-2015)Untitled-1

Back to Wizard School (28-10-2015)Wizard School

Troll In The Dungeons (28-10-2015)timthumb

The “H” Files (16-10-2015)

the h files